DT_Text fields and saving changes

Nov 3, 2011 at 7:31 PM


I realy appreciate the time you have spent getting a flat file source component that parses the text file better than the default. 

But -- I have a problem with it.  I cannot get it to take a DT_Text data type.  It will take a DT_NTEXT -- but I don't want that. 

And maybe the biggest thing I have is that I can't change all the "Advance" details on all columns at once.  If I save one change at a time it keeps them.  Except the DT_TEXT.  It just goes back to DT_STR.

One other thing -- I tried removing the column with the delete column button.  It did delete it.  But to add a column back in (thinking if I created new column I could designate Text) It only puts new columns at bottom and there is no "reorder" ability.